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**vendor REVIEWS** 10/23/10 - kinda long

First I just have to say how quick it all goes by!! I can't believe it is over already!! I had an absolutely wonderful day with no major issues. Here are my vendore reviews...

Brownstone- A+- People continue to tell us how amazing the food was over and over again. we had an enormous cocktail hour, multi course meal with 2 choices of salad (cesaer and tri color), 2 choices of pasta (spicy blue crab- omg amazing! and rigatoni pomodoro) and 4 diffferent dinners (sea bass, chicken, short rib and filet mingon - yes the 2 beefs were 1 entree!-, AND veal . We had a viennese hour that spanned 2 huge rooms. Everything was outstanding and seasoned, cooked, and pressented to perfection! Both my husband and I each had a maitre d following us around like puppy dogs, filling our glasses, and bringing us everything and anything we needed. We had 255 guests and the ballroom was laid out perfectly so that people had easy access to the multiple bars. The dance floor was big enough to hold nearly everyone- since no one stopped dancing the entire night! Prior to the wedding, our contact person, Thomas Manzo, was a little difficult to reach via phone since he had no voice mail BUT he was very attentive to my needs and followed my every wish when we did have our several meetings prior to the wedding date. I always heard the Brownstone had amazing food and they were nothing short of outstanding. We had not one complaint!!

Elite Entertainment- A+ -LOVE LOVE LOVE Tara!! Tara Feley was our DJ/MC. I had seen her before because she did two of my friends weddings. SHE IS AMAZING! She has so much energy and an excellent stage presence. PLUS she has an outstanding voice and sang a few songs during dinner! The dance floor was never empty and she played a great variety of music. I cannot wait to see the pictures of packed the dance floor was!! They also provided my uplighting for the entire room in an amber color- it really made the room look so stunning and romantic. it was worth the additional $600.

Park Avenue Bridal - B it took me 13 places to find my dress- i was so picky! They had an excellent selection and the sales woman, Joan, showed me "the one" in about 5 minutes. She read my mind and was so sweet. I also got my veil there. They did a good job on my fittings and fit me in when needed. We also got all the bridesmaid dresses there and all of the girls who had their dress altered there were happy. The only reason I gave them a "B" is because the store is a little old looking and run down for the amount of bussiness they bring in. they were alway busy, I am not sure why they don't take the time to spruce up the place. Also, I was a little annoyed at the seamstress who fitted my dress since the day before the wedding I went in to try my dress on and it was too big ( i lost 8 lbs in less than 2 weeks) . There was actually a gap near my bust. She said to me " you lost weight!!" - like in shock.. i was like yes i was STRESSED out a bit the past few weeks lol. so instead of fixing it she suggested I try another bra. I happened to have another on me that had a little bit more padding and it fit. It was a little loose but she convinced me I didn't want it too tight so I could eat. I am super picky so in a pic or 2 i noticed it, but there is nothing I can do now! the dress was beautiful regardless..

Ten Hair and Makeup A+ - Tricia is such a doll and does outstanding makeup. she and another makeup artist whizzed though my large bridal party with no issues. She gave me a discount for all the girls that used her ( i think a total of 10) and she gave me free lipstick. She does an amazing job and is so easy and comfortable to work with. Plus her prices are pretty decent. I highly reccomend her to anyone looking for an easy going but glamurous makeup artist!!!

Roots 2 endz A - This is a salon near my hometown in montville. I go to them for my hair all the time. They were very accomidating and somehow got us finished in on time!!!! I only gave them an a because my hair extensions were slightly off .. again I am anal and no one noticed but me haha

Milton gil photographer A+ - so far based on the wedding day and our engagement shoot they have been amazing. Lou was our photographer and he made us SO comfortable. He really knew how to organize the day and get the pictures taken on time so we could enjoy the party! We made our cocktail hour! even at the reception i barely saw them.. I really enjoyed being with them (we had 2 photographers) throughout the day, it wasn't awkward at all. and my engagement shots were AWESOME. i am sure the wedding shots are going to be great too!!!

danero limos- A+ super clean, beautiful  cars. on time, great drivers. they did everything perfect

A touch of elegance- A+ AMAZING flowers!!! Lisa created my vision to perfection. she totally understood me and the flowers were sooo rich and luxurious. She worked within my budget and even added little extras!!! in comparison to other florists they were a little pricey but I got what I wanted and LOVED everything. They are very well experienced and are so thorough with details. Cant wait to see my photos!!!

Re: **vendor REVIEWS** 10/23/10 - kinda long

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    sorry for my typos!! i wrote really fast haha
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    oh and my worst review...

    Mens Wearhouse - C- the grooms all got their tuxes here.. they were convenient but out of the 8 guys only 2 had gotten sized properly!! they had to go back in an exra time- which wasn't convenient AT ALL!  The sales woman was a little rude to my husband. He was not happy with their service, but they got their tuxes and they all looked great. It was the store in Paramus
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    Thanks for the reviews! Can you tell me what the fee was for Tara at Elite??
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    I recently booked Danaro.  Glad to hear you had a good experience with them!  Thanks for the reviews!

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    thanks for reviews i def need to get my butt in move to book Danero but they told me I cant book over the phone :( So I gotta find time to get there asap!
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    Thanks for the review, everyone talks about how good the brownstones food is. I wish someone I knew got married there and invited me.
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    [QUOTE]Thanks for the reviews! Can you tell me what the fee was for Tara at Elite??
    Posted by ashlieandfrank[/QUOTE]

    tara was $1750.. and she was WELL WORTH IT!
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    I've read so many bad reviews about Mens Warehouse, regardless of the location! I'm surprised brides continue using them - I know its convenient, but still. My fiance was in a wedding a few months ago and we had major issues with them. For example, they took his gift card when it still had money on it. His pant legs were two different lengths and the tailor tried to convince him to just shift his pants higher on one side to fix it. Um, no. They didn't give him a tie clip (they didn't give any of the guys their tie clips). It was just a mess.
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