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Bridgewater Manor Brides - Hotel?

Hi ladies,

Wondering if anyone who got married at the Bridgewater Manor stayed in either the Bridgewater Marriot or the Hyatt Branchburg? Trying to decide between the two which we should recommend to our guests. Both seem to have free shuttles and iIt seems the Marriott has a bar that is open late that people can head to after the reception, but Brancburg mentioned that we could bring in coolers/food and have an "afterparty" in their restaurant area.

Just looking for any feedback and postitive/negative experiences you may have had with either location.

Thanks so much!

Re: Bridgewater Manor Brides - Hotel?

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    I didn't get married at the Bridgewater Manor (we did have our rehearsal dinner there!) but we had our hotel block at the Bridgewater Marriot. I can't say enough good things! Our guests raved about the price for the rooms, our price in June (booked in 2011) was $104 a night. The bar was fun at night. We not only got a free room for every night we had a block but we also got a free night over the next year. 
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