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The Grain House vs. The Brick House Suggestions PLEASE

Hi Girls-
I am an undecided bride and need the help of my current and past brides!!!  All though i was previously looking at The Stony Hill vs. Macalusos I have decided that the rooms at those venues were just too LARGE for an 80 person wedding reception. This past Saturday I went to visit the Brickhouse in Wycoff and fell in love. I was happy that in person the ball room looked smaller than in the photos on their website. And they have soo many fun options for cocktail hour and a cigar bar that will be fun to unwind in once the party is over.  I have never eaten here or been to a wedding here and I was hoping someone reading this has and can offer some input.  After we went to the Brick house we drove to The Grain House in Morristown NJ. We weren’t even going here to look at it for our wedding but stopped in to have lunch on our way somewhere else. And of course I noticed a bride in the corner of my eye. Soo my mom and I took a peek into the reception space because one of the waitress said it was ok. I felt a little bad so I only got a quick glance and what I saw I liked. The dance floor/bar is separate from the tables. Which I think is a good idea cause you can sit at the table and talk without being right on the dance floor.  Again here’s another place I’ve never been to before and I was hoping someone either had their wedding there or went to a wedding there and could give me some input.  I would be doing the winter bride package at the Grain House, the only thing I didn’t like was that they don’t’ give you 3 items to choose from for entrees. But there is a hotel on site where my guests could stay and not have to travel anywhere else.

Wedding details: Approximately 80 guests 2/23/13 evening wedding, getting married at the same place as our reception.


I’m hoping that the Brick house will come down a bit on the price, she quoted us $115 + gratuity and tax and that’s a little too much for me.

At The Grain house, their winter wedding package is $99 ++, but she said she might be able to work on the price with me.  We have to go back for a formal tour.


Any suggestions, photos, comments I can get on either venue would be great. I need to choose a place in the next couple of weeks!!!


Re: The Grain House vs. The Brick House Suggestions PLEASE

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    I didn't book there but we looked at the Olde Mill Inn, which is the same property as the Grain House, and we loved it. It didn't work for us budget-wise, but we were really impressed with the hotel and the reputation they have. Hope that helps, good luck!
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    I just got married at the Olde Mill Inn (which is the same property as the Grain House) on 5/4/12 and they do an AMAZING job.  Coincidentally, we had our rehearsal dinner at the Grain House and this past weekend I also attended another rehearsal dinner at the Brick House.  I can tell you the Grain House by FAR has better food and their reception space is much roomier and open.  The service was also a lot better at the Grain House - butler passed items and such.  At the Brick House people were serving themselves drinks!   We had 60 people at our RD at the Grain House and we had way more than enough room - you'll have plenty of room for 80 people.  At the Brick House they had about 35 people and there was literally no room for anyone to move - it was quite uncomfortable.  So that's something to keep in mind with your 80 person wedding.  I've also been to a party at both venues - a 40th birthday at the Grain house and a work event at the Brick House.  Again, the Grain House 100% out does the Brick House on food, space, service, etc.  Even the bride who had her RD at the Brick House told me that she liked our RD better (our H's were in each others bridal parties)!!!  So I think that says something.  Good luck with whatever you decide!
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    Another vote for The Grain House - I've never been to The Brick House, but I'm having both my rehearsal dinner and reception at The Olde Mill Inn this October. I went with my parents, brother, and sister about a month ago to eat at The Grain House, just for kicks. The food. Is. Incredible! I've also gotten other great reviews from brides and wedding guests alike at the Grain House/Olde Mill. And personally, I've received stellar serive so far.
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    I considered the Grain House for my wedding, but a friend recently attended a wedding and didn't like the setup with the dancing really separated from the dining.  Also, she said there was only one unisex bathroom on the main floor.  That's a deal breaker for me.
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    Thanks for the responses so far!! We have an appt to go this Thursday and see the space and speak to Marien. I'm excited.
    See I thought that having the dance floor seperate was a bit strange to, but all the comments online that I have read said it was a good thing. It gives the people that want to be at the tables and talking a chance to do that and whomever wants to dance can dance! Plus, she just sent me a photo of the dance floor and I didn't even realize there was a fireplace to the side.  Which makes me love it even more.
    The bathroom situation does sound a bit strange...i'll have to take a look for sure when i'm there.
    I would love to hear from a bride that actually got married there. and possibly share some pictures.  Thanks!!!
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    Another thing to consider with the Grain House, check the outdoor area if you plan on getting married outside.  It's right next to Rt. 287 and I thought she said you could hear the cars on the highway.

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    My fiance and I looked at the Grain House and crossed it off the list for a few reasons. We plan on having an outdoor ceremony and as someone else mentioned, Rt. 287 is very fact it runs right behind the main ceremony area. Traffic noise was very loud when we were there (granted it was a Friday night during rush hour), but I expect that it would still be bothersome on a weekend. We also didn't like the low ceilings in the Grain House, or the fact that there is one unisex bathroom right off the dance floor..otherwise you have to go upstairs and use the same bathrooms that the restaurant customers use.

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    We are going for a tour tonight. I did notice in the pictures that the ceiling seems low, I will definitely take that into consideration. But at least the ceiling looks nice, tin ceiling.  We are getting married in February, the ceremony will be indoors.  The hwy is not an issue for us for that reason.  The bathroom is giving me the greatest concern so I will be sure to check that out.  thank you.
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    I've been to both places multiple times, but never wedding-related.  I MUCH prefer the Brick House - it's more open and welcoming to me.  I also like the food choices better, although the Grain House food is outstanding.  The Grain House is too dark and old for my preferences.
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    Hi Girls-
    Just booked today at the Grain House. Overall from all the places we saw it was exactly what I was looking for!! I just got the feeling when I was there. We are set for 2-23-13 wish us luck!!
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    We just booked the Grain House for 3/16/13! Congrats and good luck!
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    Congrats to booking the place. What a relief, right? When are you sending your save the dates out? I was thinking of sending them in August, that's enough time right?

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    [QUOTE]We just booked the Grain House for 3/16/13! Congrats and good luck!
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    Thanks! It is a BIG relief! 

    We too were planning on August save-the-dates. It seems just in time since everyone will be busy getting back to school and then a blast of holidays!
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    Re the outdoor ceremony noise and 287 at the Grain House. I had my wedding here and we chose to have our ceremony under the tent by the patio for this reason. I don't believe the tent is available all months, but is up for at least the summer and part of autumn.
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    One of my college friends just went to a wedding here last weekend and said it was GREAT. She said the food was really yummy which is a VERY important aspect to me about the wedding.  I do believe Meri told me the tent comes down in November until the spring so it won't be up for my wedding. But this past February 23rd it was like 70 degrees out so maybe we'll get lucky again. Or a little snow dusting would look pretty for pictures.  The tent is super pretty but I couldn't afford a wedding here aside from the winter.  And I was looking for  a winter wedding anyway.  If anyone has had there wedding here and has advise for Grain house brides that would be awesome....Thanks.
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