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WANTED: Bilingual, affordable Wedding Band

I need a Wedding Band that can perform Latin music as well as American, in the NJ area.  Also, must be affordable.  Please respond to this if anyone can provide these servicesor recommend a band.  Thanks!  

Re: WANTED: Bilingual, affordable Wedding Band

  • I have the same dilemma, really want a band but need it to be a good bilingual band, if you get any other leads please let me know.
  • If you still need a Band. I booked Esteem Entertainment from Manalapan. His prices are great I am actually having two bands one English and one Spanish, because his prices were so great. Tell him Anggela send you.
  • I know a good spanish band.  But they don't really crossover into English.  
  • 747 Orchestra played our wedding and we needed some Latin music.  The lead vocalist is Dominican, so in addition to the fabulous R&B, Funk and Pop music, we had some authentic Celia Cruz music as well as other songs sung in Spanish.  Don't know what you mean by affordable, BUT I can tell you they absolutely ROCKED our will be thrilled   :)
  • Do not book esteem entertainment. I was very dissatisfied by service they provided for my wedding. Organization is awful. Went through so much stress on my wedding day.
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