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Hi Ladies! 

I was wondering if the lighting at the Park Savoy is included or if it is extra?  If extra, do you know how much?  It is soooo beautiful there and the lighting adds that extra touch!  Let me know, thanks!

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    I couldn't agree more! It's a beautiful venue! Lighting was not included with our package. We are paying $1500 for the Park Savoy's lighting package. We were originally going to do it with our DJ for much less, but when we went for a visit and actually saw the lighting in the ballroom and cocktail hour room & we felt it was worth the extra expense.
    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you!  You are so helpful!  Do you mind me asking what day of the week you are having your wedding and when you booked?  I'm wondering if that changes the lighting cost at all or if it is somewhat negotiable.  Thanks so much! :-)

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    We are getting married on a Friday in March of next year. We booked March of this year. We got an amazing deal on our date. I'm sure you can negotitate with them, but they threw in so many extras I felt guilty asking for more. You won't be disappointed if you book there. :)
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