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Windows on the Water - Sea Bright - Pricing?

Hi! I just got engaged and I am planning to have a longer engagement. We're liking looking at getting married in the Spring/Summer 2014. That being said, I was wondering if anyone knows the current pricing at Windows on the Water in Sea Bright. They don't have any information about pricing posted on their website, and I've scoured the internet and haven't been able to find any pricing information. I tried calling, but their office isn't open until Wednesday. I figured someone around here may have considered them and might be willing to share! Thanks in advance!

Re: Windows on the Water - Sea Bright - Pricing?

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    175-225 per person ., i am having my wedding there . i love it so much !
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    Hi, The place is nice, my friend just had their reception there in July.  The food was very good.  My only complaint would be the servers...  You would go up to the bar & get a drink, take a sip or two of it & leave the table for a few mins - when you got back, the drink would be gone.  By the end of the night, this really pissed me off..  I had told the bartender (whom I had to visit at least 10 times due to this) that I was not a lush & far from drunk, that the servers suck & kept taking my drink away!
    The room my friend had was small, but they only had 100 guests, so it worked well for them.
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    We had recenly went to a wedding there, The AC was leaking from the ceiling,It was hot when we first got there, also the flowers that were in front of the site were 'Dead" it was a joke thank goodness the event was nice, and the staff of the wedding planner that my friend hired had a great staff, Because same as above on the drink things, an the GM of the site he was just not pleasant to us. Food was Ok, 
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