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DJ options- Golden Note, EK Productions, Majestic?

I'd like to hear opinions on these or any suggestions you may have for another great DJ.

Re: DJ options- Golden Note, EK Productions, Majestic?

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    Look into VenueAudio or POSH. Been to weddings for both and both are great. All depends on your budget. Good Luck!
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    We're going with Gerry at Golden Note and my sister used them in the past (though the DJ she had is no longer with them). They have been fantastic. Reasonably priced for what they offer, very attentive and polite about things but also not afraid to speak up about things they think would help make your wedding better (eg having at least 1 or 2 audience participate options in case they need to get people on the dance floor). Overall, I was super happy with them at my sister's wedding and am super excited for them to be at ours.
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    Anthony Wayne Entertainment - he did our wedding as well as our close friends' wedding - two totally different weddings but he knew how to play each. He is reasonable and very sweet. I highly recommend him!
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    I just booked with POSH last month.  We loved lil cee.  I don't know when you are getting married but 2014 dates are filling up fast.
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    EK Productions has an excellent deal right now for February includes lighting and DJ Booth and TV Screens etc.  We met with him and he was extremely nice.  My FI just felt more comfortable with Dash of Class even though they were a bit more expensive.  I think he liked that we had been to weddings before where they were the DJ''s and we didn't leave the dancefloor so he just wanted to go with his own experience.  But Evan from EK was very nice and seemed like he would be good to work with.
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    I had used Golden Note for my October wedding and honestly, I was disappointed. I don't want to bash them on here but if you're seriously considering them, message me and I'll let you know my thoughts on them.
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    We using Chuck Russo; we met with him and knew right away that he was the DJ for us. We emailed A LOT with Justin from Venue Audio. He's was super helpful and responded quickly to all of our questions. He gave us a very reasonable quote, and was very willing to tailor a package to fit our budget and wishes. We were supposed to meet with him before our consult with Chuck, but he had to cancel. If we didn't like Chuck so much, we probably would have gone ahead and met with (and probably booked) Venue Audio.
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    We spent alot of time speaking with Golden Note and while there isn't anything I can say that we didn't like, we ultimately decided not to go with them.  It was just a gut feeling and we decided to go with DDM Entertainment and we couldn't be happier with our decision.
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