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Woohoo, finally time to sign off!

My MOH andher husband have been in town since Monday.  Yesterday I took them and another one of my BMs to three of our favorite wineries, and last night headed downtown GSO to Natty Greene's.  Today I have to drop my dress off to be steamed, come back and be lazy around the house while we have our house cleaned (I got a half off coupon off Groupon and it has relieved a lot of stress knowing we didn't have to spend tons of time cleaning); and finish the honeymoon packing.  A ubnch of my family gets intown today so my mom is making a big spaghetti dinner for about 20 people, and then I think the "young crowd" may go to a haunted house.   Tomorrow is spa day -- instead of a formal bridesmaid lunch, I am treating them all to manis/pedis and bringing in Panera for lunch, and then the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!  Can't believe its all here!

Anyway -- I've been telling people all week as they asked if I hired a planner, that no, but if I hadn't had this message board I would have been totally lost and would have had no idea where to start.  So thanks to you all, and see you "on the other side" when we get back from Italy!! :) 

Good luck to Dawn and Corrine!

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