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Has anyone had or been to an event (wedding or shower) at Portobello in Oakland? Looking for recent reviews. Thanks!

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    No, but they were one of our final choices.  We were looking for a Saturday afternoon reception, and they gave us a good price (I think it was around $100, including tax and tip, but not 100% sure, for July). We went to dinner at the restaurant to sorta try them out and I know they are different spaces/entities, but seeing eveything in person wasn't as impressive.

    The buildings are new and have a unique style. They look clean, but were far from our church (in Montclair). Food was good at the restaurant, but not amazing.  What really made us not choose them was the fact that they are not situated on grounds - we would have come right from the church to the reception and would have needed to take our pictures there.  The exterior is a parking lot, which would not have made for great pictures.  

    It's worth going to take a look - they had some great advantages, but for us, there were disadvantages as well (as can be said about any place.) I believe we talked to Bobby, and he was very helpful.
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