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Wedding Hair & Makeup reasonable deals

hi girls!  looking to do my  hair and makeup trials soon for the big day.  i noticed a lot of the hair and makeupd trials run from $100-200 for each!  I wanted to see if anyone can recommend hair/makeup for $150 or so combined? i dont see a need to spend much more than that so was hoping I may be able to find some suggestions on here!!!

my wedding is in morris county nj, and hoping that the makeup & hair artists can come to me.


Re: Wedding Hair & Makeup reasonable deals

  • I can't offer much help quite yet - but can say i am shooting for the same budget as you and am really disapointed at how expensive this is!!!  I'm from MA where trails are included in the price. I never wear make up, so to spend 100 on a trial then another 100 to do that alone makes me feel sick justifing. I made a list of local salons rather than purely makeup artists/hairstylists and plan on calling them. From their price lists online they are a lot less costly than an offical wedding stylist so you might want to start there. 
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  • I only paid $40 for my trial with Jennifer Andres from At Long Lash.  She's charging $100 for my wedding day and she's coming to my house.  I think $100 is alot for a trial.  What if you hate it? Then you have to do another one.    
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    Jeanine LaMacchia will do a hair trial for $60 and Gina Brozon will do a makeup trial for $60-70. Both are amazing and have very pleasant personalities!
  • Jillyan Scarpa Skin and Paint Bar did an airbrush trial that included lashes for 50. Love her work and she has such a great personality. I know she has Someone for hair that is also very reasonably priced.
  • Thank you!!! This helps me get a good start : Gina was recommended to me by a friend too!
  • Thank you ladies!!!
  • Good Morning Ladies,

    Where are these suggestions located? And how far in advance do you suggest booking?

  • I agree some of these trial prices are ridiculous.  I understand that you could do a trial and not like it and then their time was wasted by doing it for free but I really can't pay for a trial what I was aiming to pay for the day of service.

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  • I called Janine LaMacchia three times since she was highly recommended and she never returned any of my calls..didn't realize it was so hard to get in touch with a makeup artist!
  • I feel that if they don't have time to call u now, then they may not call u later if/when you need it. I had a few places not return my calls/emails. They are off my list
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