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Vendors in Oriental/New Bern/Morehead City???

I am getting married in Oriental, NC in September 2013.... I have picked my venue and am now searching for all vendors! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  I have not picked a photographer, DJ, caterer, cake maker, etc. 

Also, does anyone know if it is possible to have a caterer, but also stock my own bar if I get an ABC license??? I feel like it would be more cost effective this way...
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Re: Vendors in Oriental/New Bern/Morehead City???

  • We used Erica Letchworth as our photographer and loved loved loved her. She's based down that way and I know does shoots down there often.

    We were able to provide our own alcohol for our limited bar.  When you're interviewing caterers, ask them about it.  You may be able to provide the alcohol and have them provide the staff and work off of their license. 
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