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I am soo clueless to when it comes to a DOC!!! What exactly are you paying this person to do??? My florist will be setting up the whole reception/cocktail room and I am just clueless to what this person will be doing??? Doesnt your Matra D do the rest when your at the reception as far as telling you when to walk in and cut the cake and all of that???? When your at the church isnt someone there going to tell you when everyone should start walking in????

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    That thread had some good information but this is my answer for that thread.

    I had both MD was there watching over the staff at the venue making sure the tables were set and the wait staff was on top of things. DH and I had a personal attendant who brought us food/drinks and tended to those needs and the MD oversaw that. Our DOC was amazing she was there w/ tissues, water, made sure all the vendors arrived when we needed them to be there, she was in charge of the timeline and making sure that things on the catering and entertainment end were moving along at the right pace to keep things on schedule. She was there when I got ready she carried lipstick (she was WAY easier to find then the one bridesmaid who had my purse!) she took care of final payments and tipping vendors, she was there to take cards from DH and I so we weren't running back to the gift table all the time. If someone handed us a card while we were wandering/dancing she was on top of that. She bustled and re-bustled my dress when I didn't want to bother my sister/BMs because they were having too much fun.

    I liked being able to rely on someone I was paying rather then bothering the BMs who were more then happy to help and kept asking me what I needed but honestly I wanted them to hae SO much fun and not to worry about me. I wanted to know that they were out on the dance floor waiting for me not following me around bustling my dress.

    Oh and she set up our candy bar and our jordan almond favors.

    I'm a big fan of the DOC if its in your budget. If not you can certianly do without it but I found she made life much easier and I was able to be more in the moment.
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    Definitely everything that PP said. I also think the big difference is that your MD and bridal attendants are only there at the reception. There is alot you will need help with and that could go wrong long before the reception so I wanted somewhere there with me all day. I want my mom and bridesmaids to have nothing but fun - I don't want them worrying about me!
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    I also agree with the PPs. i know that I didn't want to have to run around in between things trying to make sure everything was set up, vendors arriving on time, etc. And I didn't want any relatives or friends trying to do that either. It is definitely going to be giving me peace of mind. However, if it's not in your budget then you can probably get along fine without one as Laurns stated.
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    thanks for the advace and thanks for the article :)
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    Maria--is your reception in the upstairs room at the Tides???  If so, Mike, the maitre d, is amazing.  he did everything for us!   As far as setting up, he did everything perfectly, just as I had written out for him.  Throughout the night, he took care of anything we needed and made sure everything ran smoothly, and then at the end he cleaned everything up and packed it up for us and even brought it out to my parent's car.   IMO, if you are using the upstairs room, you do not need a DOC.

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