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Rates for Stone House and Liberty House?

Does anyone have the rates for Stone House in Warren NJ and Liberty House in Jersey City NJ?
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Re: Rates for Stone House and Liberty House?

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    What time of year and what day of the week?
  • Reilly626Reilly626 member
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    We were quoted $175 pp, at the Stone House cocktail receptions are a little less.  If you are willing to do an obscure day like a Thursday or Sunday morning they drop the price, but its ridiculous... The food isnt so great and the room is nice, but didnt love the slippery tiled/wood floor and that the bar is outside of the room.
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    Stone House was 1 of my very high prospects...until i went there.  I loved all the pictures I saw of it, the outside and bar area are awesome, but the actual ballroom was very disappointing. Didn't seem to go with the whole concept of the place. We were quoted $175 for a Sat night, about 250 ppl in Jan/Feb 2011.
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  • acablitasacablitas member
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    We were looking for days in Jan-Apr, which is considered 'off peak' for most venues.  And the prices were ridiculous at 175+.  A Sunday brunch was over $100.  So I quickly said no to that.
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    My ideal would be a Saturday in September

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  • LolyalyssaLolyalyssa member
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    Saturday in Sept. will run you $200+ per head at Stone House BEFORE tax and gratuity if you are thinking full bar and dinner (rather than a cocktail reception).

    Liberty House will be $150+ per head BEFORE tax and gratuity.

    Take a look at the Westwood Country Club and the Imperia.
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    Same as the other, I was quoted $175 Sat / $150 Fri.  I was looking May, June, or Sept of 2010 so perhaps the rates even went up.

    But as a pp said, Stone House was one of my top prospects until we went there.  The look is nice inside but would not have catered comfortably for the amount of people I was going to have.  The bridal suite was so small.  The chairs in the ballroom were crappy looking.  Oh and they barely gave you any food, you had to add everything on.  It was not worth the price.  I'm getting married at the Venetian but not sure how their rates have changed since we booked last year. I would look into that, Westmount CC, Seasons, etc.
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     We went to the Liberty House and we were quoted $185 per head for a Saturday night in November and that was in the small tent off to the side b/c we didn't have enough people for the room upstairs.

    The setup was odd, we would have cocktail hour in the tent  (which she swore it would be heated), then dinner in the other room, then the cocktail hour would be cleaned and we would have dancing in there. The bridal sweet was a broom closet and if you look at the advertisements they have used Photoshop to put the city view on the other side of the building to look like you drive up to this sprawling green lawn. We actually passed it b/c we didnt' see the actual lawn and we were confused.
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    I'm getting married at Liberty House... next week (yikes!).  My wedding is on a Sunday and I negotiated with them so I'm paying substantially less than the Saturday night rate, which I want to say was around $180 pp before tax and tip. There probably won't be as much room for negotiation on Saturday in September.   The give you plenty of food, about the same as what was offered at other places we looked into.

    We looked at Stone House too and the pricing was around the same. But, I found them to be be a lot less flexible about pricing, timing of ceremony/reception, etc.  I don't remember much about what was included in the pricing since we weren't that interested.  The place is really nice though, definitely a different aesthetic than most ballrooms.
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    My FI and I loved the Stone House online, thought it was perfect and we made an appointment to see it. Then we heard terrible things about how they (mis)handle events from a number of people. We cancelled our appointment and ended up at Westmount CC.  
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    I am getting married at the Liberty House next September. We are having a Sunday afternoon reception and I have have found them very easy to work with and super flexible.  The prices quoted can easily be negotiated by swapping out certain foods items for others.  They were well within our budget and I am pleased that the price also includes linen rentals as well as a wedding cake from Carlos Bakery.

    It is a different feel than a ballroom-type set-up but that's what FI and I liked so much about it.
  • jesmall127jesmall127 member
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    For the Liberty House, I believe I was quoted $180/person for a Saturday night in August 2011 with a 200-person minimum.  Friday and Sunday evenings were $160/person with a 150-person minimum.  These prices are before tax and gratuity.

    The views from the Liberty House are unparalleled and the ballroom is a very unique space, but I do think you sacrifice a bit in terms of alcohol (a "level" under top shelf) and amount of food at the cocktail hour.
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    Thank you for the responses. I went to Stone House today and I loved the pics online but I wasn't that impressed with the location.

    I also droppef by The James Ward Mansion, and it was beautiful but it seemed a little small and the owner said I had to call him to discuss pricing. Every time I called today he didn't answer and his mail box was full.

    I have an appointment set up for Liberty House this Sunday for my FI and I to go see it, so I will keep you posted.

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  • Susie86Susie86 member
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    Does anyone have current rates for the Liberty House?
  • How much for a Saturday afternoon wedding be at Liberty House during the months of May-July?
  • Here is what I have from an e-mail in February 2012. We were looking at a summer 2013 wedding.

    Our wedding packages for Liberty House are four to five hour events and include a premium open bar, a one-hour cocktail hour and a custom designed wedding cake. These menus can range between $130 per person for a day-time event to $178/$185 per person for an evening event. We offer a 10% discount for receptions held on Fridays and Sundays.

    Our Grand Ballroom accommodates up to 350 guests with dancing and requires 200 guests for a Saturday event.

    Our Liberty Room accommodates up to 140 guests with dancing and requires 100 guests for a Saturday event.

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