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Photog check!

Well, we don't have the contract in our hands, yet, but FI spoke with him today and we have the date.

We went with Creative Light Studio - which is just the name for a one photographer company (Sean Lasch out of East Brunswick). I'll certainly let you all know how it goes. Right now, we picked him because we really loved his pictures, we clicked with him, and we got what we wanted at lower than the price we wanted - nothing extra that a lot of other photographers insisted on throwing in (and hence jacked up the cost).

PHEW. My head was spinning earlier this week, because we're trying to do everything now, before FI's next semester starts... but I've been getting work (YAY) and I've got rehearsals starting (also YAY), which does mean my schedule just got a lot more complicated. I'm also trying to get a hold of all my BMs to start that process - I've got one here in NJ, one in NYC, one in CT and one in MA (I think... she's got a 2 year old and I want to double check that she's cool with all this). Plus I've got an appointment with the florist next week. I know we've got time, but I just want to get things locked down. Fall is usually busy for me, so the more I have done by then, the better I'll feel. FI had to remind me to not add the invites to my DOING NOW list... I've still got two big things on there!

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