New Jersey

Single digits!!!

Let the weather stalking begin!!!

10/10- High of 71 0% chance of rain and SUUUUNNNNYYYYY!!!!
10/10/10- Ten years in the making!

Re: Single digits!!!

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    Yeah, let the good weather hold up.

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    YIKES!!! I'm on 10/9...haven't checked the weather!  Hope it's the same......Can you even believe...single digits?  I started counting on here at 209!
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    woop woop! Let the sun shine! :o)
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    I'm 10/8.....the weather stalking has begun!!! I'm hoping for the best Girls!!!

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    LOL - yes single digits - OMG! I just checked the weather also - rain through wed and then clear - please let it hold!! right now by me in Sussex 67 and sunny - perfect - now just let it hold and us weekend of 10/10 girls will have a perfect fall day!!!! crossing fingers and toes!
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