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Ok, sorry if this sounds like a simple question, but I really have no idea. Should I get my makeup done first and then put on my dress or should I get dressed and then have my makeup done. I have heard of some brides putting a cape or something over their dress while getting the makeup done. I just don't know which works better and causes the least amount of stress :) Please help!! Thanks...13 days and counting.

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    hey! i have seen it both ways too :)

    i've had my makeup done a few times before, and my personal preference is to have makeup done before getting dressed- that's my plan for wedding day as well.

    for me, putting the dress on is going to be the very last thing before walking down the aisle! plus, i am terrified to get it dirty from anything- eating, makeup, etc.- before the ceremony.

    good luck!

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    Kiwee, we're date twins... soooo close!! I'm definitely doing hair and makeup first and dress after.... going to find a short sleeve button up or zip up to wear and step into my dress. I don't want to have to worry about the dress until right before the aisle.
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    I did hair first, then makeup, then dress.  I stepped into my dress.  According to my make-up artist, I think most brides do it that way.  
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    I did makeup, hair then dress with no problem.
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    i did hair makeup and then dress

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    I plan on doing hair first, makeup second, and the dress last...HTH!

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    Dress last.
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    Agreed, do your dress last.  You wouldn't want to get anything on it right before the wedding.
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    Thank you all so much. I wanted to do it this way, but I wasn't sure. The silly part is, I hadn't even thought about stepping into my dress. All the times I have put it on, I've had my hands in the air, and it was dropped down on me. The way you guys suggested sounds much better. Thank you.

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