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Dance lessons - Morristown area

  My FI and I are moving to NJ, right before our wedding. We are looking for dance lessons. We are both pretty bad... so we are looking for someone who can help us with a cute first dance. 

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    We used Fred Astaire, which is a pretty big chain in NJ.  We went to the one down in Sea Girt, and they were great.  They helped us with our first dance.  They did it so we moved well with the music, but it wasn't neccessarily choreographed.  And they taught us some other fun dance moves we used during the rest of the wedding night.  Your first lesson with them is free, and we wound up doing a package of 5 dance lessons since we decided to finally take lessons a month before our wedding.  Also, I highly recommend finding time to practice between lessons- we were really bad about that, but it you can make the time it helps!  I looked on the website and there is a Fred Astaire right in Morristown, so definitely check them out.
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    We live in Morristown and took lessons at the Morris Community School.  It was great - 4 sessions for $150 plus, if you have time, the teacher will go with you to your venue to practice (if the venue allows). 

    For some reason it's not listed in their catalog, but here is the contact info.  The teacher's name is Pat.  The classes are private 1:1 and held at the Frelinghuysen Middle School.

    Agu101 is right...Fred Astaire is right next to the train station.  We didn't go with them because they were out of our budget. 
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