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Wedding Gift Giving Question

My FI and I were invited to his coworker's wedding.Unfortunately, it is Columbia and I really wish we could go but I have no vacation time with us getting married this year.

I wanted to get them something from their registry but they aren't registered anywhere, I looked on their wedding website and every store I could think of that they might register in but it looks like they don't have one.

I didn't really want to give them money but we will if I can't think of anything else. I don't even know how much to give? I have never been to their house so I'm not sure what their tastes are either. I think since most people had to travel to their wedding they aren't expecting gifts?
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Re: Wedding Gift Giving Question

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    Do you know where they are going on their honeymoon? My dad had champagne and strawberries sent to our room and he got us a gift card to spend within the hotel we used it for massages but we could have put it towrd dinner at the resturant or something like that.

    Another option if you know they love wine/beer is a wine/beer of the month club.

    Or you could get them a gift card to a resturant that is local.

    If you have any idea what their style is you can get a bowl or platter. I always find those are the things I wish I had more of when I'm having a dinner party.
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    You could always give a gift card to a popular registry place, like Macys or BBB...
    or if you know where they live, you could give a gift card to a nice restaurant in their town, and tell them to have a husband & wife date night on you guys...
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    A gift card to a nice restaurant would be nice.  Or if they just bought a house a gift card to Home Depot or Lowe's would be useful. 
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    I know they are going to Jamaica for their honeymoon but I'm not sure where they are staying, maybe FI could find out.

    I know where they live so that would be a good idea for a restaurant gift card. I think they are renting an apartment for now.

    Thanks for the ideas!
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