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North Carolina

Not wedding related, but possibly moving to Charlotte

My fiance works for Chiquita, and the company is trying to move everyone down very quickly (like during the summer). We just visited over the weekend, and and Charlotte is great! So clean, pretty, and "homey". We went through some neighborhoods and what nots. I really liked Myers Park and Southpark.

Any suggestions on neighborhoods with rental properties (condos or houses)? 

Any help would really be appreciated, especially we'd be moving 8 hours away from where we grew up. :(
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Re: Not wedding related, but possibly moving to Charlotte

  • The areas you named, Myers Park and Southpark, are some of the more expensive areas in Charlotte.  I don't know your financial situation, so its just friendly FYI.
    When I was working uptown (get used to that... its not downtown Charlotte), I actually lived North of the city by Lake Norman and really liked that area.  The commute wasn't terrible and I was able to take advantage of all the perks of living near the lake... LKN is HUGE, lots of boating, waterfront parks, fun lakeside bars with live music... etc.
    The University area also has lots of options due to its proximity to the UNCC campus, and can be very affordable, but do your homework because pockets of it do have a higher crime rate than other parts.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd call up a local realtor and ask for help, they'll be knowledgeable about the area and be able to show you rental properties that meet your needs.

    Something to think about, Mecklenburg county (where Charlotte is) has the highest property taxes in the state, I know you're wanting to rent but that expense will be indirectly passed along to you.  It might be worth looking to the east of Charlotte in Cabarrus county.  From there Charlotte is easily accessible via I-85.
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  • The north side was just not my scene. They took us by I think Lake Wiley? It was a huge lake with apartments closeby. We also went to Balantyne and a couple other places. The apartments and condos that we saw in Myers Park, South Park, Cotswald, and Dillworth (which was okay) seemed fairly affordable. 

    We were told that coming from the north into uptown on 77 was terrible for traffic. 

    We went around with a realtor, and she was very sweet. We also liked the south side because Chiquita is going in the Nascar building. 

    It's so difficult to move to an area where you don't know anyone or really anything about it. Luckily, if we go, my fiance's best friend is going to move in with us (he also works for chiquita) so we can get a bigger place. 

    Thanks for replying! I was worried I'd get ignored. :(
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  • Citydata forums were a great resource for me when I moved from Long Island to Charlotte.  http://www.city-data.com/forum/charlotte/

    I can send you info for a meetup group that I help organize events for young professional women if you want.  I met a lot of great girls through that group.
  • I don't have many suggestions as I no longer live in the Charlotte area, but I wanted to wish you good luck!

    Also, maybe post something similar to this on The Nest for NC. I think theres a handful of Charlotte ladies over there that may be able to help. It's kind of quiet though, but worth a shot ;)
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  • South End is awesome! More affordable than other close-in neighborhoods, convenient to uptown and south Charlotte. I grew up in the Lake Norman area (north of Charlotte) and have lived here in South End for about 5 years now... love it! Feel free to send a private message if you want to know more. I love my fair city and know it well.
  • Congrats! Charlotte is a great place to live. I live in Southpark and LOVE it. It is a great place to raise a family.  Dilworth and Myers Park are nice as well.

    If you need any assistance, feel free to give my finacee, David Hoffman a call. He is a top Realtor for Allen Tate and would love to help you out. You can reach him at 704-806-5111 or check out his website at www.liveinnorthcarolina.com.

    Best of luck!
  • Congrats! I just did the reverse move! I moved from Charlotte to Cincy! I have to say the weather is quite different! You will love the climate down there! I have lived all over the city (rentals)! We have our wedding planned down there... so we'll be back to visit over the summer! 

    Some great neighborhoods to check out... Baxter Village (Fort Mill, SC), its about 15-20 minutes from uptown CLT. It's a dream neighborhood... my FI and I wanted to live there if we were staying in the south. www.baxtervillage.com so cute, like out of a sitcom! Families are all young professionals, with restaurants and bars in the community... there's nothing else like it....

    Closer to the city there's Dilworth, Southend, Myers Park, Southpark, Madison Park, Ballantyne all are great communities especially for purchasing a home. 

    Be really careful when picking someplace for purchase. Neighborhoods in CLT change really quickly from beautiful to OMG where am I when you're driving through. There's a lot of parts that are with in a mile or less of the really great neighborhood.

    That's not to scare you just to let you know to be choosy when you're looking! Also, do a lot of research on the schools that you have as options! Elon Park, Hawk Ridge, Polo Ridge, Providence Springs are all the top schools in Charlotte... (I was a teacher while I lived there... ) I hope that helps! It really is a wonderful place to live! Lots of great places to go out uptown too!
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  • Thanks everyone! I feel like Allen Tate is one of the places that Chiquita is moving. My fiance does NOT want to move away from his family, which I get because I don't want to leave mine. But, I've always wanted to live in the South. I'm from Indiana (close to Cincy) and a lot of people there were raised there, live there, and are now raising their kids there, which is fine. But I really want to see the rest of world, not just Cincy. I loved Cincy when I started college, and then the recession hit and it went to hell in a handbasket.

    I love love love Myers Park and South Park. Ballantyne was pretty, but not our scene.

    ugh! So much to think about! He has to make a decision by Jan 27th. We're getting married in May. I just started graduate school. And he's looking for other jobs in Cincinnati, but like I said, it's going to hell in a handbasket.

    grumble grumble. Thanks for being so nice. :) 
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  • Oh, yeah... that's another thing to love about Charlotte. Southern hospitality, baby!  ;-)
  • I've noticed! 

    The fiance just brought up another notion: He said that the the taxes in Charlotte are higher than Cincy and he'd have 10% more taken out of his check. Totally understandable why that is a big turn off, but I guess I just don't see the dramatics in that. Everyone pays taxes, some places are higher than others, and I told him, "Well, it looked a lot newer and better than Cincy, maybe that's why." 

    He applied at another place up here, and I've heard TERRIBLE things about this company, from co-ops and interns in college. I don't think he'll be happy there. 

    P.S. I loved the dog bars in NODA. :)
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  • I live in the South Charlotte area by Southpark Mall and love it! Its a little bit more pricey but I love the fact that we have everything within our range and we don't have to take the freeway/highways to uptown and other surrounding areas. Otherwise I would opt to be more in the Huntersville/Lake Norman area. University area is too congested for me.

    You can also try Fort Mill, SC which is right outside of Charlotte. Its a growing neighborhood.
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  • I second the suggestion of South End!  South End, Plaza Midwood and NoDa are my favorite areas of the city.

    I grew up in Concord myself and love it here, I moved to Savannah for a while but had to come back home!  My sister lives in Cincy (she works for Kroger) and is looking for a job here because she likes it so much more.  Good luck with whatever you guys end up doing :-)

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  • Awesome! Good luck with your move and with your wedding!
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