North Carolina

Good morning!

Maybe it won't be just me here today!  

I'm off to decorate around work.  At least we got to wear jeans today to do it!

Re: Good morning!

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    Morning! I have a busy day, but I wanted to say hi!
  • krispychikinkrispychikin member
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    morning! - back at work - it doesn't feel like I had a break! 
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    Morning! I'm back.  The minivacation was awesome.  Not in love with Monday.
  • CJ4578CJ4578 member
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    Good morning! I'm so sad to be back- some lady just called three times and actually yelled at me because she couldn't pronounce my name. Um, well I'll give you my mother's number you can yell at her if you want...

    Hope everyone had a good Turkey day!
    -- C
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    Good morning ladies! I'm really looking forward to December - an entire month off from Pharmacy School! :) I'm still in my pjs with coffee and thank you notes in hand.

    We had our first shower on Saturday - it was a Christmas shower, and we received some of the most adorable Christmas decorations I have EVER seen!

    I'm anxiously awaiting to hear from my photographer that my bridals are ready for pick-up. I can't wait to see them other than online.
  • LBM7189LBM7189 member
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    Morning, yes, good, NO! I know I struggled getting out of bed and dragging myself into work today.  I don't feel like I had a vaca either it was so jam packed with events!  I hope this week flys by for us all...
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    I hope the next few weeks go by. I am so ready for Christmas!!! However not ready as in the gift giving part. Need to get on the ball with buying/or making these gifts!

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  • alliegator8alliegator8 member
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    Good morning ladies.  I'm dragging today. Busy weekend and I need a day to recover!  O well...Saturday please hurry and get here.

    Have a nice day!
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