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I am getting married in a church; however, I hate the idea of having all of these stick poses just inside a church.  I wanted to have pictures taken outside at a different location.  Is this crazy?  Do you do this before the wedding or after?  I just know it kind of breaks the rules about the groom seeing the bride before the wedding.  Does anyone else have a situation like this?

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    We're doing pictures this fall of DH and I all dressed up. We really like the fall colors, but didn't have a fall wedding (obviously) plus we didn't get as many pictures together as we would have liked. I'm not sure about days before the wedding, but a lot of people do the 'sneak peek' right before the wedding.  I've seen some amazing pictures and they've got SOOO much emotion in them!

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    We didn't do any pictures that were super crazy, but DH and I did see each other before the wedding to take pictures.  We took some of our "first look", then some portraits of us, then bridal party with us.  After the ceremony, all we had left was a few quick family pictures.  We LOOOVED seeing each other before the wedding.  It was so private (even though we had 2 photogs and 1 videog....I didn't even notice them) and it really eased our nerves.  

    Also - Our photographer followed us to our hotel after the reception and took a lot of pictures of us there.  We paid her for an extra hour and it was money well spent.  We had a fabulous time and we were able to get some shots in a totally different atmosphere (wedding was barn-ish/outdoor and hotel was really modern).  
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    Talk to your photographer about setting up the "first look" before the ceremony.  For this, the photog finds a private area where the groom will stand with his back turned. You will approach from 10 feet away, just as you would walking down the aisle. 

    You'll have time for the romantic bride/groom pics after the first look and you can also choose to take wedding party pics before the ceremony.  Everyone I've talked to has said the first look was the best part of their day. 

    If the church doesn't have a nice outdoor area, you may have time to go to a nearby location.  When fitting in outdoor pics of bride and groom and wedding party before the ceremony, photography coverage would need to start about 2.5 hours before ceremony time.
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    Wether you take the pictures before or after the wedding is up to you and your FI.  DH refused to see me in my dress before the wedding.  But if you take pictures outside you do risk getting your dress dirty, just something to think about.

    Beka, love your idea!  I might see if I can talk DH into it.  We didn't have much time to take pictures of just us because of the snow, and I really wanted a fall wedding but had to plan around school.
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    I too like your idea! We had originally planned for a fall wedding but then changed our minds & had a spring wedding. I love the photos we got but I too would love to have some fall shots. It is such a beautiful time of year. :)
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