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Discount dance lessons in the city

In case anyone is interested...

Discover a better way to impress at this New Year’s swanky social functions than belching Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde in its entirety. With today’s side deal, $29 gets you two private lessons and one group dance party at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Midtown (a $75 value). Located conveniently close to bus and subway stops at 201 E. 34th St., Fred Astaire Dance Studio offers instruction to everyone from those in need of pre-wedding pointers to those preparing for the upcoming Intergalactic Hustle-and-Jive Championship. Couples and stag dancers are equally welcome to today’s Groupon.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio offers two 30-minute private sessions in your choice of rumba, foxtrot, tango, cha-cha, Viennese waltz, quickstep, swing, waltz, salsa, bolero, paso doble, samba, mambo, hustle, jive, merengue, or Argentine tango. You also get one 90-minute group session to blow off steam and show off newly acquired skills in a social, noncompetitive setting.

Specializing in Latin and ballroom, Fred Astaire Dance Studio is owned by Yuriy and Alexandra Datsyk, 1993 Ukrainian Ballroom Dance Champions and Ukraine's representatives to the World Standard Championships. No matter how busy your schedule or how leaden your feet, Fred Astaire’s staff of professionally trained instructors will tailor your private sessions to match your skill level and specific goals. Next time you find yourself surrounded by dancing dancers in mid-dance, astound them all by using Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s tutelage to unleash your inner Christopher Walken.


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    this "deal" sounds like the "intro special" i got when i went to another fred astaire in nj.  don't get me wrong - it was fun but the only thing that was accomplished in the 2 private lessons was the instructor selling us additional lessons.  since we were only a few weeks away from our wedding we went for it but in hindsight it was a waste.  they did not teach us a dance for our wedding song - basically just 3 or 4 "steps" (a box step with 2 different turns and a dip for the end).  they did not even teach us how to move around the floor - just stay in place.  then the instructor kept insisting on trying to teach us another dance style because that was the "program" we were supposed to follow.

    just wanted to give a heads up that if you are looking for a choreographed dance for your wedding song - this will not be it.  if you are looking for something fun and relaxing and to get a bit more comfortable with "dancing" you will probably be satisfied
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