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Ring Bearer Gifts

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas to get a ringbearer for the wedding gift, hes 10 so the toys i guess are kind of not an option. Thanks!

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    What kinds of things does he like? Books, video games, music, science, nature/bugs/animals, messing around in the kitchen, model planes or cars, puzzles or Kinez/Legos? What would you get him for his birthday or Christmas? Don't look exclusively for "ring bearer gifts" because it's all the same stuff.

    You could always do a gift card so he can pick out his own stuff - Toys R' Us, iTunes, Build A Bear, Discovery Channel Store, Disney Store. Or to a place like Cold Stone Creamery or the movies. Maybe tuck the gift card inside a wallet or a money clip if you want a "thing" to give him.

    Would he like a wristwatch? Would his parents be O.K. with him getting a Swiss Army Knife? Maybe a compass with his initials engraved on it if he likes camping or the outdoors. How about an MP3 player or a handheld video game system? If there's a TV show he likes, maybe a DVD box set? (Spongebob, etc.)

    You could do a little something for "now" (toy, book, candy) and then give him a savings bond for his parents to put away for him.

    Does he like spending time with you and FI? You could take him to the zoo, aquarium, movies, a museum, and then maybe get some lunch or ice cream after that.
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    Danes983Danes983 member
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    I agree with MB.  I think a video game or something he is into would be the  best.  We will be getting my RB also FI Nephew either legos or a game for hsi DS, which ever he is most into at that time.
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    engraved baseball bats (full size) with wall hangers...they loved them and hung them in their rooms
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