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    I honestly don't know our entire price, but I have a feeling it is getting high - or at least, higher than I originally imagined. Our price per person at the venue is not the highest by NJ standards, but there are probably 200 guests. 

    Our photographer, my dress, and event painter add about $13K, and were all splurges. Invitations were letterpress, but from, so they were inexpensive letterpress (but we did need a lot of them.) Postage on them is thankfully only one stamp.

    Florist, DJ and videographer are more budget friendly, but are still additions (about 4.5 - 5K? Maybe? Haven't received final estimate from florist. It depends on how many people come and how many tables we have.) Bouquets will be on the larger side for both myself and the bridesmaids, but the centerpieces will be rather small-ish. Our room is decorated with stained glass and mahogany, so huge flowers are not necessary. We also chose those three vendors by seeing previous work, and fortunately, they were not on the super expensive side. Win-win.

    Then of course, all the little things add up - favors, escort cards, programs, little bags of lavender for tossing after the ceremony, additional decorations, pastor, ceremony musician, cocktail hour musician, etc. It could be another $500 - $2000.

    I splurged on bridal party gifts at Tiffany - I have 7 bridesmaids. We also have 5 flower girls and 2 ring bearers. That is totally my choice and what I wanted to do, but it does add up. I'm not sure what FI is giving his groomsmen (there are also 7).

    It grew beyond my original plans, but that is totally fine! Some things were splurges, others were more on the "budget bride" side. We felt that was the best and smartest way to do it! We didn't want to splurge on everything (duh) but didn't want to budget everything tightly.

    ETA: This does not include my engagement ring. It does not include our wedding bands. Our honeymoon is actually fairly local (Newport, RI) due to our work schedules and when we are getting married (October), but we plan to take a bigger trip when we are able to have more time.
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  • The goal is to have it at or around $40k or below. I'm having it at The Cyrstal Plaza and also having the ceremony onsite so we were able to nix the limo....trying to see what else maybe we can save on since our venue is great as it is. As of right now we are estimating $43k...hopefully I'm over estimating since we haven't gotten other vendors. Not including the honeymoon and we are paying for it all ourselves. :) But for all we are getting it will be my dream wedding. :)) BTW- I'm getting things on invites were 25% off and my Save The Dates were also. My wedding favors were discounted too....all without compromising the look. 175 guests in Feb 2014.
  • I m also having my wedding at the crystal plaza next month. Good luck planning.
  • Thanks you too! Let me know if you think of any tips for the venue after your big day. I'm sure it will be great!
  • I was able to get two extra stations at no cost. And I was able to make them not count me and my fiance as guests.
  • $95k - 300 guests attended

    $115 including the honeymoon
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    right now i'm in the 30K range and hoping to keep it there. Guest list is between 100-150 and I'm still a year and a half out, I have my church, venue, and dj already
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