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Weather Watch Time!

10 days to get and has already become one of my most viewed websites!  Let's get this rain out of the way.  Did anyone buy rain picture props just in case??
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Re: Weather Watch Time!

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    Our wedding is a week from tomorrow and I have been on at least 5 times a day since 10/5 popped into the 1-day forecast. lol.  I haven't purchased any rainy weather props but I am actually more concerned about being cold than the rain though.... did you buy any jackets/coverups for your wedding day?
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    Try not to drive yourselves too crazy over the advance weather forecasts.  :)

    I bought umbrellas for me and the girls, just in case.  Five Below had a bunch of pretty, solid colors for $5 each.  I also bought cute rainboots.  Luckily I didn't end up needing any of them, but I definitely can still use the rainboots!
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    I bought a light cashmere cardigan from J Crew to throw on over my dress in case it gets cold.  How about you?  I was looking for a retro looking stole, but thought that would be too wintery.

    Five Below is a good idea!  I will add it to the list for this weekend!
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    Dont go crazy- 7 days out from my wedding it was predicted to be 90 degrees and ended up being 70 degrees and rainy. I waited until 3 days before to freak out about rain and H & I debated spending $200 to overnight ship matching umbrellas from Im glad we didnt. My parents found matching umbrellas at Modell's and we kept the tags on. It rained, but it stopped long enough to take pictures and we were able to return everything since we kept the tags on. I think its wise to be prepared, but dont go crazy. Weather changes so easlily. Call your limo company and photographer- they may already have umbrellas you can borrow in case.

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