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Rehearsal Dinner Location IN Greensboro, NC

I'm looking for a private space for a rehearsal dinner in Greensboro for about 60-65 people. Does anyone have any reccomendations for restuarants, venues or hotels that are not super high budget?


Re: Rehearsal Dinner Location IN Greensboro, NC

  • I'm not sure of the price but my friend had hers on the top floor of Natty Green's in downtown Greensboro. It was a more laid back atmosphere with a buffet for dinner. They have a pool table and a bar up there. Not sure if that's the kind of place you are looking for though.
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  • If you are wanting to be dowtown - Natty Greene's is a great choice.

    An alternative (right across the street) is Bin 33.  Also has a private room upstairs and very cool atmosphere.  The food is excellent for the price as well!
  • Thanks ladies! I have looked at Natty Greenes and am considering it, but am still deciding on whether my family will think it is too casual.

    I heard that Bin 33 is nice as well, but haven't checked into the prices, do you a range for the rental?
  • I don't know a range personally, I have only attended events there.  My mom coordiates a lot of events in the area so I will ask her and see if she knows!
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