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Brothers as Bridesmen

Has anyone had men stand up on the brides side?  (Straight men).  Do you have a picture you could show me?  Or advice?

Re: Brothers as Bridesmen

  • What does their sexuality matter?  Do you think gay men wear dresses?  Tons of people have men on the bride's side.  I am having my best guy friend on my side.  Yes he is gay but I don't see how that will change the pictures. 
  • Oh come on!!!  I didn't mean it like that!I meant about he advice part.  I don't know if my brothers would be comfortable being up there. I sware I did not mean as far as the pictures!  I was fresh out of bed this morning when I wrote that.Sorry!
  • Honestly, if they are OK with it, then do it. But I wouldn't push it on them. Being "untraditional" is really the "in" thing right now anyway. It will give people at your wedding something to talk about and that's better than the dead reception tables I have sat at offense to the brides. If they love you enough, they will do whatever you want lol ;). **I suggest using that last line as a coercion technique.
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  • ask them if they'd be comfortable.
  • I have a friend who was married 6 years ago, and had her brother stand with her on her side, and her DH's sister stood on his side. It's hardly a brand-spanking new idea. It looked fine. I'm not sure why it wouldn't. And I was stunned to read "straight men". WTH does that have to do with ANYTHING? Only gay men would want to support their sister on her wedding day?
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
  • I do not have any brothers but my best friend is a strait guy. He is also 6 ft 7 inches tall and a cop. He was a bridesman in our wedding My gals wore any knee length solid medium blue dress they wanted. My bridesman wore a black tux to match teh guys with a medium blue vest and bow tie and pocket square My SIL was a groomsmaid and wore a black and white dress knee legth It worked out fine. In modern society we have oppposite gender friends. Oh FYI my SIL hit on my bridesman unsucsessfullty at the wedding but oh well
  • My fiance has one sister and one brother, I have one sister, and a close male cousin, and we both have close male and female friends.  We decided to each have 2 guys and 2 girls stand up for us.  He has his brother, sister, guy friend, and girl friend.  I have my sister, male cousin, and best girl friend, and best guy friend.  They will walk down together girl left/guy right, guy left/girl right, etc. and are wearing coordinating colors so that it looks uniform when they stand together.  On the programs, I am listing them as Bride's attendants and Groom's attendants and avoiding the use of 'Bridesmen.'  The bachelor/bachelorette parties will start out together, we are thinking Cub's game, then split up after dinner by sexes.  After all, his sister would rather take him out to celebrate, and my guy friends would rather take me out, so we thought either have multiple parties, or coordinate them together.They all were excited about the concept, and my guy friend and cousin feel more comfortable supporting me on my side, as does his sister on his side.
  • I have a maid of honor and four bridesmen, two of whom are gay.  One is a straight man who many people believe is gay, and the other is my ultramasculine Army-guy classmate (we are both law enforcement majors).  I've never really heard of it before, but most of my friends are male, so it really only made sense for them to be in my wedding.  I'm having my MOH wear a bridesmaid dress and my guys are wearing a dress shirt that matches her dress and black slacks and shoes.  I'm buying them holiday-themed ties as gifts and to wear at the wedding.One thing I didn't want is my bridesmen to look like groomsmen.  The six groomsmen are wearing tuxes from Men's Wearhouse, which my fiance and best man all set up.  We pretty much are just coordinating their vests in the same color.  Also, the groomsmen are wearing stephanotis boutonnieres, while the bridesmen have white roses.
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