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How did you hear about Addison Park? What sold you on the venue?  I'm trying to find any hidden gem-type venues that the Knot doesn't advertise. 

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    I actually found Addison Park on my own by doing online searches of wedding halls.  It isn't a hall that is easy to find reviews on etc and I am not sure why.  What sold me was the decor - I walked into that hall and absolutel fell in love.  For me- it's the prettiest hall I have ever seen (but I am biased ;). I have heard by word of mouth great things about it since we booked and we went for a tasting event (they hold a couple a year) after we booked and we really liked to food. 

    It is also owned by the same people that own the excelsior Grand in Staten Island (which is where I grew up) and they are known for good food etc.

    I would definately go there for an appt and see what you think.  It is pricier, but it really depends on menu, time of year, day etc.  If you have any questions, let me know. 
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