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I just saw your comment on my post below.  Disney was great!  I finally got most of the pictures uploaded on facebook (friend me if we're not already friends!)  We got there on Dec 20 and stayed 8 days, 7 nights at the Port Orleans - French Quarter resort.  The crowds were what I would imagine for Disney World.

I would definitely recommend staying at a Disney resort for magic express and the extra magic hours.  The rides that had a 120-180 minute wait during the day had a 10-30 minute wait at night during the extra magic evening hours.  The longest we waited in line was about 40ish minutes.  I read that the week between Christmas and New Year's is the busiest week and I think that's true.  The crowds seemed to be a lot bigger just the day and a half we were there after Christmas.

I also highly recommend getting a dining plan.  It is so worth it not having to worry about the price of the meals or having to cook!  We had the deluxe dining plan.  We ate SO much food but I still think it was the best choice for us.  We were able to book a couple of restaurants that took 2 meals a person and still eat more than 1 meal everyday.  We made all of our dinner reservations 90 days in advance and made sure they made note that it was our honeymoon at each place.  We also bought the bride & groom ears, they really do get you more attention.

Another recommendation would be to wait a day after the wedding before heading to Disney just to recooperate!  We were exhausted the first day we were there because we had to get up at 5:30am to get on the 9am flight.  With 8 days there we had pleanty of time to see everything and didn't feel like we had to cram in everything we wanted to do. 

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    Thanks for the info!  I will definitely add you as a friend on facebook so I can check out those pictures.  We're planning to stay in a Disney resort, maybe the Polynesian, but we're still looking around.  The dining plan also seems like a good thing to have for the trip!  Thanks again.
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    Well I'm not sure who to search for on facebook because I don't know your last name.  Mine is Enscore if you want to search for me!
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    Lol oops!  I friended you!
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