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Hi Ladies,

Hope you are all doing well.  Just wanted to throw it out there that we recently got our friends wedding invitation and some of her wedding photos framed at Fast Frame in Glenrock, NJ.  They did an excellent job and were very reasonably priced compared to most places we looked at.  The pictures and framed invitation came out amazing and the bride was very happy with the results.  I plan on using them to frame our wedding pics and engagment pics (which we are giving out to our parents).  Just thought I'd pass along the info in case anyone needed it:

230 Rock Rd.
Glen Rock, NJ 07452
I dealt with a person named Gary (very nice and professional - totally listened to my ideas)

Re: Wedding Picture Framing

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    Do you have some pics of your wedding to share? And any other vendor reviews that we can read about?
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    hmmm this is kind of random
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    Hi - we are getting married October 22 2011 at the Inn at Central Valley in NY.  I used the FastFrame store to frame my best friends wedding invitation and her bridal picture side by side as a gift to them and was happy with how great it came out.  I belong to the Hudson Valley bridal boards - didn't mean to sound random???  Just thought I would pass along some useful reviews since so many of the Hudson Valley brides helped me with there vendor postings and feedback.  You can take a look at my other vendor reviews on the HV bridal boards - mostly asking questions about reception sites bc I live in Seattle WA but am having my wedding back home in NY were I grew up.   Good luck to you all.
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