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Bridal Shower Restaurant near NJ transit stop

Hi all,

Are there restaurants that are around $30 per person for a bridal shower that include champagne, wine, etc.?  We are looking for a spot that is in close walking distance to a train station so all my NYC friends can come via train.  I was thinkin South Orange, Millburn, Chatham, Summit, Madison, etc.  Anyone have any ideas?  Places I have looked up are expensive, though my sister just did hers in South Jersey for $30pp over the summer.



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    My cousin and I both had our shower at Galloping Hill Caterers. in Union  I believe it was around that price and included mimosas and wine (charged by the bottle).  It's a little outisde of your requested area, but is <1mile from the Roselle Park train station and also fairly close to the Union station. 
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    We considered Brix67 by Summit train station for our RD, it's no longer there but the restaurant that opened in its place, Anna's, is supposed to be nice (same family as owns Primavera in Stirling and Ferrara's in Westfield).  It's BYOB which can help on the cost.  I don't know how the catering menu matches up, but the private event space is nice.  Might be worth checking out since it is steps from the train station!
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    My shower was just at the Garlic Rose, which is just across the street from the Cranford train station.  There is parking in the back (the restaurant helps you feed the meters) and street parking too.  They have a downstairs room as well as an upstairs area they can close off for a private party.  I think it is in your price range, and then they charge you per bottle of wine.  We had a wonderful 4-course seated lunch.  Definitely check it out!
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    Thanks, ladies!
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    I had my shower at Valdebenitos Bistro in Somerville, NJ.  It is a bit out of your area also, but the Somerville train station is just 2 short blocks away on the main street so it is a nice area to walk to/from.  A lot of my NYC friends used NJ transit and had no problems.  It is an Argentinean/Italian place, the food was great, I can't tell about the pricing but we had our own private room on one side of the restaurant.  
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    Oh I was just so confused.  I responded to your other post about this.   Good luck!
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