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I'm getting married late March to early April of 2015. I alreadt told my MOH that she is indeed MOH, when do I tell me other girls?


The other girls are my 2 cousins and FI youngest sister.

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    You normally don't ask your intended bridal party until your about 8 months out.  Relationships can change over time.  You have plenty of time before your wedding, enjoy the engagement.

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    My BMs were all friends from growing up that I've known forever.  I asked everyone over a year in advance because travel and extra planning was involved for them.  Since you're pretty much asking family members, I'd say it's ok to ask them sooner, but maybe wait until you at least have things set in stone, like a date.
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    Slow down, you're getting married in 2 years. A lot can happen between now and then.  Even though they are family you may not be as close are you are now.  Wait for at least another year.
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    I asked the same thing when I first got engaged as well.  The 3 people who I knew without a doubt would be by my side pretty much knew without me even having to ask them, my 2 sisters and my best friend of close to 20 years.  I agree with agu101.  Get things with your wedding rolling first and then finalize with your girls.  I dont see the harm in letting the girls know in advance that you want them in your bridal party.  A falling out could happen at any time, months before the wedding or days before.  Its part of life and your wedding will go on no matter what.
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    As excited as you are to tell your bridal party, I recommend waiting. I didn't and have a new reason to regret it every month. Like the other posters said, relationships change.
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