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How much do DJ's Cost?

 I am trying to figure out what a NJ DJ would go for today. I would really love to budget properly for this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: How much do DJ's Cost?

  • you can get one from $1000 up to $3000... and maybe even more if you upgrade things such a slideshows etc...
  • Depends. A great DJ will run $1500+ 
  • I was at a wedding this past summer where I was really impressed with the dj. We ended up booking him for our wedding - it is a dj and mc, no lights or anything else, for $1095. I really liked his style and song choices, so he seemed like a great fit, and was affordable.

    I had also contacted other companies and was quoted double that for the same (dj and mc), and other packages were around $3500 for lights, gobo, tv screens etc. I was not interested in the add ons at all, but it shows that packages can really range in price depending on what you want.
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    I'm paying 1170 for 5 hours of music Dj and an MC, uplighting, 2 tv's / slideshow and a gobo.
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  • I'm paying 3,000 for a five hour reception. Consider that this does include 2 DJs (music mixer and emcee), tower club lighting, uplighting, and uplit facade.
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