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New Jersey

Flip-flop baskets

Question for anyone who had (or is planning to have) a basket of flip-flops available for guests:  how many flip-flops did you buy?  Did your guests take them?

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Re: Flip-flop baskets

  • felicia220felicia220 member
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    We did about 65-70 pairs.  We figured very few men would take them, and probably at most, only about half the woman would take them.  We got them from Old Navy when they were doing a flip flop sale, so I think they came out close to being about $1 or so per pair.  

    EDIT: We also had a beach ceremony so we put them on the boardwalk, a lot of people used them so they didn't have to wear there shoes or go barefoot on the beach.  
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    We had slippers since it was a November wedding, but same idea.  Our wedding was smaller, about 90 people, and I think we had 30 pairs of slippers and ended up with 4 left over.
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    MissButters- where did you get the slippers? I want to have a basket of slippers at my wedding and am having trouble finding them online. If you have a tip I would love it!
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