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Orange Trees?

So I'm getting married next October. Our centerpieces are going to be hurricane vases filled with oranges as orange is one of our colours. I want to try to keep the orange motif in our ceremony as well (we are having a the ceremony is in the same room as the reception, and I need a way to dress up our 'altar'). I was thinking that it might be really cool/pretty to spice up our altar/ceremony spot with a couple of orange trees with oranges/blossoms and twinkle lights. However, I'm in Canada. I don't know where I can get orange trees since they don't naturally grow here due to our winters (I'm in Ontario....winter is coold and snowy). I have found a place online that sells dwarf citrus trees, but they can't ship to Canada due to international regulations regarding agricultural products (or something of that nature). What I need help with is: a) has anyone seen this done before? how did it work? was it real orange trees or fake? b) does anyone have an orange tree of their own? I want them to be around 4.5-6 feet tall, but I doubt that they would be that big if I ordered them. So I'd need to order now...but I still don't know if they'd be big enough by October 2010 (probably not, right?) c) If you HAVE seen this or HAVE done did you get it done? Who did you order from? How big were they when they arrived t you? Did you keep them after and pot them in your house/garden?
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Re: Orange Trees?

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    I am a fellow Ontario bride. I have seen orange trees for sale in local nurseries and once in a flower shop in Ottawa.Try Humber Nerseries at I didn't see orange tree in their fruit tree listing, but I hear they have sold them in past. 
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    Hi there!  We just had my daughter's reception 2 weeks ago, in Atlanta.  Orange was her accent color as well.  However, to cut down on costs, we went with what was available--she had named a bunch of flowers and other things that would have been very expensive.  So, we ended up with an autumn theme, with orange as the main color for that, with the red-maple and that sort of thing.  I don't know what you're budget it-so maybe it's not even a consideration, but I thought I'd just throw it out there.
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    Try a landscaper or greenhouse rather than a florist and see if it's possibe to do a rental.  I know in certain areas you can rent them for big events, but not sure if they'll be blooming, etc.  I'm not a "green-thumb girl" at all!  Just a suggestion though!
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    Hey, how about some ficus topiaries and entwine (with wire) miniture citrus fruits - you know those baby mandrines - if you don't think it too tacky get the fake ones you can buy at crafts stores and some small fairy lights if you wish. Obviously put it all in an attractive pot, maybe put pine cones and real oranges around the base of the stem and add a complementary bow around the stem. Although ... are topiary trees seasonal in Canada ... call your local home depot garden dept. or nursery. Later they will make a lovely feature for your home or a gift etc (with or without the ornaments)
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