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I rarely post, but always like to check what is going on this board-

I am wondering if there are any Manor brides on here.  I am getting married there in July and have been wondering a lot about the cocktail hour.  

The menu looks great, but I am wondering if anyone has added anything else (not on the menu) to the CH and how has the Manor dealt with it.  When I went, they were not willing to negotiate (I guess since it is a summer wedding and they seem busy), so I am wondering if they will be willing to add anything to it.  I am just starting to worry because I have been to several CHs that were very elaborate, I know that is not the case here, but I am hoping that it is enough food.  I have never been to a wedding here, but have always loved the beauty of this place.  


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    We got married at The Manor 2 years ago and they were great with us and very acoomodating with any requests we had for CH. One thing I really wanted was a "Martini Mashed Potato Bar" and they had no problem adding that on for us at no additional charge. It was a HUGE hit. If you have an idea for something you want just ask them, I'm sure they can do it! 
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    I atteneded a wedding there about a year ago and the mashed potato bar was a hit! To be completely honest, I find most cocktail hours have a glutenous amount of food that is truly a waste...How much can one person possibly eat anyway?! 

    I understand it's nice to have a lot of options but if my memory serves me right, The Manon had a pretty decent CH. If budget is on your mind, I would just fight for whatever they're willing to throw in for free. 
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    Thank you both so much for your input.  I am actually starting to consider adding a fondue station.  Mashed potato bar is also a great idea.  I added in a shrimp scampi station and an extra carving station(the whole roasted pig), but am worried about people being hungry.  I am happy to hear both of your experiences!  Thanks again!
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