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Tipping Vendors

Which vendors do you tip?  What amounts/percentages are customary? If a vendor is their own boss/company (i.e. makeup artist, hairstylist), do you still tip?

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    I'm a tipper by nature...
    However, I have heard many different arguments regarding this matter. Personally, I plan to tip EVERYONE who helped make my wedding special. If your wedding cost you $20,000, what's an extra few hundred dollars? 

    My cousin used to work for a high-end DJ company, Excel Entertainment. His complaint was that the company would charge $4,000 for the wedding, and then pay their employees $100 to work the wedding. To make matters worse, the owner of the company would take a bigger percentage of the tip if you were unlucky enough to work alongside the that's just WRONG! 

    I plan to personally tip each vendor/assistant so I know they are getting their fair share. I haven't decided how much, but probably $20-$40 a person. Enough to cover gas/tolls and maybe a late night snack after working the wedding Cool 
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    I have read that with the make up artist and hair stylist specifically you are supposed to tip like any other time you get your hair done - $20.  When we did the math that's a couple hundred dollars... I think we might give our gal an extra $100 or so.

    Our photographers own their own company so we aren't tipping...

    We aren't tipping our day of person at our venue any more $$ -- they get a percentage from the final cost of the venue.

    Make sure you check your contracts.  Sometimes gratiuity is already added into it.  For instance, limo companies usually include gratuity.  Ours does and we won't give more.

    Our shuttle company does not include gratuity so we will prob give him about $50 or so.

    There have been a few posts about this in the past too with more detailed and concrete information. I would do a search through the board. 
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