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Affordable hair and makeup!

I am desperately looking for hair and makeup at an affordable rate. I am hoping to pay no more than $125 for both hair and makeup. I am getting married inNew Brunswick and I am willing to go to a salon, although it would be more convenient if it was on-site.

Any suggestions??

Re: Affordable hair and makeup!

  • Hi!

    Although i dont know any suggestions - i know that your idea to go to the salon will prob save you money on the traveling fee some hair/makeup artists charge :)

    I would recommend talking to your current hairdresser and asking if they would be able to help out. Also-  looking into the makeup girls in the mall - i.e. i know the MAC counter girls will do your makeup if you spend i believe $50 in products - so go for that as your trial and then maybe as the girl if she does makeup on the side? Just an idea - i know some makeup artists that work at Saks 5th Ave do a lot of private clients on the side so maybe bridgewater mall or menlo mall would be your best bet to ask around?

    Hope this helps - good luck!

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    my friend used Kristin Vanicek and loved her! shes from edison so she would be close by to new brunswick c
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