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Hi Brides!  I had my boudoir photo shoot this weekend and it was amazing!  My package included the shoot and photos on a hi res disk with the copyrights...the pricing for the photog to make a book was wayyyy too much so I am going to make my own, any rec's on what website to use?  I know shuttfly, mixbook & piccabu all do this but I'm a little worried about the privacy of my photos...suggestions please
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    I have used Shutterfly 3 times now for making wedding books for myself, parents & gparents.  No problems.  We bought the rights to our pictures, but I did not have a problem anyhow.  GL
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    Shutterfly is great an very reasonable
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    There are no good, reputable album/book makers that will cater to people who are not professionals.
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    I used  - my photographer provided me with a grid that compares side by side all of the photobook companies and this turned out to one of the best in my opinion in terms of the quality of the book and quality of the prints
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    I think all of them will offer assurances of privacy but you never know what really happens.

    And I agree with berasonable's comment.  We're using Robert Wayne Photography.  When it came time to talk about photobooks, he took the time to show us one from Mpix.  WHile it was nice enough, when he showed us the ones he offers, they're just not comparable in any way.  And while more expensive, they just weren't in the same room.  If you're going to spend good money on photography, it doesn't make sense to not spend the few extra dollars on the book.  At least IMHO.
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