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FI and I are interested in having a photobooth at our reception, but the reviews that we've found are scarce.  
So far, we've emailed with AMG Entertainment, Gemini, Devine Photobooths, East Coast Photobooths, and Scott Roth Events.  Has anyone worked with these vendors?  Do you have a photobooth vendor that you'd recommend? 
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Re: photobooths?

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    Mike Chieffo from DJMC can provide a photobooth with an attendant. He's a real genuine guy.
  • We're using Shughes Entertainment. My sister & friends used him as well.  He also gives an album of all the photo strips at the end of the night.

  • We used our DJ Diverse Entertainment.  Our photographer also offered it but the DJ gave us a better price.  It was such a hit at our wedding!
  • I used Fox Photo Lounge at my September 2012 wedding. We loved it. Felt it was a great deal. The service we recieved was great. We booked directly with the owner, Jim Fox.
  • Would anyone be willing to give out prices for these photobooths.  Im interested in getting one for my wedding, but not sure we have enough in the budget for one

  • We got ours through Ultimate Entertainment.  I don't know the exact price because it was in out package but I think it's about 1k alone.
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  • We used WeLovePhotobooths.  It is a open style photo"booth" with a backdrop.  We liked this setup, and the fact that the pictures were individual 4" x 6" instead of strips.  The picture quality was excellent.  We also got a softcover book and a CD of all of the pictures.  It was $1,400 for 4 hours.
  • Fox Photo Lounge is about 1,000 I believe, but when I inquired about them, they were running a special for 725. I plan to book one through my photographer and it's 1,000.

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  • I booked mine through my photographer and it was 800...glad we were able to kill two birds with one stone :)
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  • I have nothing to add about photo booths but I just wanted to say hi to op because I think I know you
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    We used an entertainment group for our DJ, lighting, photo screens, and photo booth. The photo booth part was $1295. 

    I recommend that you have one for sure! They had them at two weddings I went to this year and it was so much fun. One had props and one didn't. I thought the one with props was even more fun. There was a line for it all night as most people took multiple shoots with different people. 

    I bet you aren't seeing as many reviews as you'd like to since so many people book photo booths as part of their entertainment or photography packages.
  • Thank you for all of the suggestions!  Neither our DJ or photog offer photobooth services, so we are going to have to use a separate vendor for it.  

    And yes avolker1, I do know you!  
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  • In Response to Re:photobooths?:[QUOTE]Thank you for all of the suggestions! nbsp;Neither our DJ or photog offer photobooth services, so we are going to have to use a separate vendor for it. nbsp;And yes avolker1, I do know you! nbsp; Posted by silver0319[/QUOTE]

    I realized who you were when you posted about chuck haha. Good to see you on here!
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    [QUOTE]I have nothing to add about photo booths but I just wanted to say hi to op because I think I know you
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    This might be the greatest picture ever :)
  • In Response to Re:photobooths?:[QUOTE]In Response to Re:photobooths?:I have nothing to add about photo booths but I just wanted to say hi to op because I think I know youPosted by avolker1

    This might be the greatest picture ever : Posted by Lored[/QUOTE]

    Haha thanks!
  • I booked with NJ Local Photo Booths, but got a comparable cost from Fox Photo Lounge. Both were under $1000 (I don't remember exactly, but in the $700-$800 range). I asked for unlimited photos, and the ability to print out more than one copy for guests if there are multiple people in the shot. We get a printout of each photo for a scrapbook guestbook, as well as all of the digital files as the end. But, if there are 3 people in the photo, I wanted the ability to print out 3 - one for each guest in the photo. We will also have an attendant and props.
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  • I used Fox and they were $825 plus sales tax. Included 2 print outs, props, the booth and an attendant. Plus at the end of the night the attendant handed us a scrap book filled with the strips and also the images on a USB thumb drive.
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    Thanks again for all of the suggestions!  I've email with a few of photobooth vendors that were suggested, and we will probably end up going with Fox's.  
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  • A few of my girlfriends used They run specials all the time. I think it's pretty much all the same, except for price. Good luck!!
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