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Food tasting tonight!

Tonight my FI and I and my parents are going to the food tasting for our venue. I'm so excited- should be fun!

Anyone who as done this, are there any certain things I should look for? Did you take notes (to remember what you liked or will I look nuts doing this)? Thanks!

Re: Food tasting tonight!

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    I would bring your menu with you.  We didnt have ours and we kept saying we wished we had.  Our tasting was a large group tasting so I felt bad asking the girl to go get us a menu.  We took notes too.  And we questioned the chef and the venue coordinators a lot.  I thought we were a little crazy looking but then I looked around and there were people who were way worse than we were.  There were also people who looked like they hadnt been fed in years.  They had so much food on their plates. 
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    Dont be afraid to come with ideas. This will come in handy if you dont like something. Be it the taste or the presentation. Our tasting was wondeful, but I had so many ideas from different places that I had been over the past year. Our chef was open to everything. And in the end we ended up changing our menu from what they had orginally given us.
    Diffenently bring your menu.
    A pen and paper if you want to write down any notes (if you need to talk to your Catering Manger or Chef later)
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    Ym!  Have fun!
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