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Rehearsal Dinner venue near Basking Ridge


I am looking for a rehearsal dinner venue (restaurant) near Basking Ridge, NJ, which is where my ceremony will be.  The rehearsal dinner will be on a Thursday night in the fall.

I'm looking for a venue that is decently priced per person and can hold 40-50 people.

Thank you for your ideas!!


Re: Rehearsal Dinner venue near Basking Ridge

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    Danes983Danes983 member
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    There is a restaurant in BR called the store.  Its really cute and has a lot of great food at good prices. Not sure what kind of scene your looking for but I think its cute.
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    sgdc2011sgdc2011 member
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    Depending on what type of food you want, if you want Casual, we are having ours at the Chimney Rock Inn for salad, pizza, and apps. there is 1 in Gilette and 1 in Bridgewater.

    Maggiano's in Bridgewater

    I forget the name of it, but At the Basking Ridge Country Club there is a restuarant downstairs which is nice.
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    There is The Grain House, which is on the property of the Olde Mill Inn, which has private rooms, and there is Equuis in Bernardsville, along with the Bernardsville Inn, has a really nice downstairs wine cellar, there is also Vino, haven't been inside but looks nice and maybe worth checking out....hope that helps.
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    3 West is also really nice..i've only been there for dinner, not a private event, but it's on the top of the Hills.  I think the place at the Country Club is called Bamboo? 
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