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Hi my name is Tammi and I am getting married on October 10, 2010.  My sister threw my bridal shower this past Saturday at The Grand Colonial Inn in Hampton, NJ.  The place is beautiful and the food wonderful but the management of this venue is very difficult to deal with.  My sister paid for champagne toast, mamosas, bellinis.  Champagne toast, came around, I believe only 5 mamosas for 27 people came around and bellinis never made it out.  People were told to go to the cash bar if they wanted something to drink, $9.00 for ½ a glass of wine, holy moly!  The shower was suppose to be from 12 – 4, management had that room cleaned by 3, which was forcing my guests out the door.  My sister started packing up the food, which was in her contract, the manager stopped her and told her she only paid for people to eat on premises and was not allowed to take home food which she paid for.  Her response was, it is against the law for you to reserve, so the only things he could do with it was to throw it out or give it to his employees, he half smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said she couldn’t take it (I witness this myself).  She packed up the picked over food, the employees took full trays back to the kitchen, never to be seen again. Needless to say I was mortified!!! When “upper management” called her back 3 days later and both my sister and myself spoke with that person, all either one of us got was that it was very hard to believe that took place, they have not received a complaint in a year (they have been open 5 years, do the math).  No offer of apologizes, no offer of a refund, nothing but its very hard to believe that happened…..I guess that is what you get for $40.00 a head and you pay in cash before your party (which is what they require).  BUYER BEWARE!!!

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    geesh that really stinks..

    this place has their own wine room right?

    I wasn't impressed when I was venue shopping!

    sorry 'bout your experience... hope you got some great presents!!
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    Yes the place has its own wine room and it really is nice, but the whole experience afterwards ruined it for me.

    I have to amend my posting.  My sister wanted me to state that it wasn't quite $40.00 a person, but close to it.

    Just wanted to give up and coming brides and the newly engaged a "heads up"!

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    I'm currently venue shopping and was thinking about looking here...maybe I won't now. Thanks! 
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    Has anyone had an experience at Grand Colonial since then? I really loved it and want to be sure I'm making the right choice by booking my wedding there. Thanks!
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