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Does anybody know of any halls i can rent with out any food just the place for rent? I am looking in the area of Northern jersey. I absolutely loved the ship yard marina in hoboken but unfortunately its not for rent anymore.  I also would like to know if you rent a hall and get caterer, lighting and etc to upscale it a little bit would it be less money than a regular per person venue? Thanks in advance

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    Try checking out women's clubs. The women's clubs of glen ridge, Rutherford, and ridgewood are all really nice ones. The Glen Ridge one was even on an episode of David Tutera's show and he made it look beautiful. It all really depends how resourceful your are, and what vendors you choose... It can be cheaper or waaay more expensive
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    We are renting a hall (in central jersey), we have a caterer coming in and our DJ also provides uplighting. MUCH cheaper than a regular venue. We are footing the bill and we didnt want to let that hold us back.

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    The Lowe's theater in JC is for rent but the cost adds up quickly because you have to rent everything- tables, chairs, lights, plates, silverware etc. You only get the 4 walls for the price.
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