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Can someone recommend a great place to get my invitations? I really want something nice and please let me know what is a reasonable price to pay.


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    From your title, I thought you were in dire need of something - not just invite recommendations!

    What about or

    Reasonable price varies from person to person. Since most people do not keep wedding invitations, you can argue "reasonable" is an inexpensive as possible, or you want to go all-out anyway.  From beasic research I have done, about 200 invites can cost about $350+ (including rsvp cards and reception cards).

    Letterpress invites are more in the $600+ range and some are over $1000 (for approx. 100 invites)

    A close friend had "storybooks" made - an invite with a front and back cover, purple tassle, and about 4 pages of text/information. They were delivered in a box. Something like that is probably $25 an invite. (plus, additional postage since the box is bigger than an envelope)

    It all depends on your budget and what you consider important.
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    I  highly recommend Elegantly Stated in Morganville. Irene, the owner, is wonderful.  She has a big slelection, in all different price ranges.  Here is her website:

    Good luck!
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    I fell in love with Their beautiful and not crazy exspensive.
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    We used Jen Strunk ( She was a doll to work with. She designed and printed our invites for us along with other matching stationary. 
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    If you want go the letterpress route, Invitations by Ajalon was the company we used.

    I also really liked and

    For cheaper invitations, try and

    There are so many invitation companies out there from local designers, etsy vendors, and online shops. You have to just look around, figure out the price point you want to be within, and find the ones you like the best. 
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    They have a brick & morter store in Branchville NJ (Top of Sussex County)
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    I use Vistaprint for everything, I have always been EXTREMELY happy with what I have received and the customer service is awesome.
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    are you looking for an online option or an actual person to sit down with you and help you choose. I am an event planner and alot of times the misconception is the online route is cheaper.. well, it could be but you can find beautful options in similair price ranges with a one on one professional.
    Let me know if you need the name of the woman my company uses. she is awesome!

    private message me for details :)

    good luck!!
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