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as of the 26th of July we will be 8months out until the wedding... when did everyone book thier limo????????

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    I can't remember when I booked but I'm glad I did because April/May/June are big for Proms. So keep that in mind. Plus our first choice stretch was already booked. I used First Class Limo (bently, shuttle, and stretch limo) and they were great!
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    We booked in the fall for our May wedding I think. I'd start looking now.

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    we booked ours this past saturday and our wedding is in October.. so about 3 and a half months out. I would have done it sooner but it was the only thing my fiance was really into, so i left that up to him. we went with danaro limos because they have several phantom's and thats what he wanted...
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    Booked in January for my May wedding. We used santos limos.
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    We booked in Oct for our Feb wedding.
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    We booked ours a couple months ago - and the wedding is in August.  I should have done it sooner though.

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