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    I've been to a few events there in the past (although never for a wedding) and I enjoyed it. I know it's gotten good wedding reviews on this board.
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    Whether or not we like it doesn't matter... it's a decision only you can make.  It all depends on what you're looking for, what you like, and what you're looking to spend.
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    I agree with PPer's. Only you can make the decision as to whether or not it's the right venue for you and your wedding.
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     its reputable and has been around for a while., that is for sure. 

    i think when it comes down to venue, you have to look at the service the venue provides, the look and feel of the venue, the food, and of course how much it costs in order to figure out if the the venue is something you like.  
    for example, the manor will have more than one wedding at a time - prob like more than 2 bc there are a lot of rooms.  i  wanted a place that would host only my wedding so that narrowed my choices down to venues that only have one wedding per night.  if this is something that you dont mind, then move on to the next aspect and so on. 

    there are a ton of venues in NJ so you will find something you like for sure. write down things you like and dont like, get your budget together, and go from there. 
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    If you are not sure yet I think it is a sign you should keep looking.
    We are having our wedding at The Manor.  It was the eighth and last place we visited.
    I remember just looking at the entrance was enough to convince me.  I said the my fiance "It has to be really bad inside to make me change my mind.  This place is so beautiful!". And them I liked inside too, I liked the reception room and their service.  We were ready to sign the contract that same day, but they mailed it to us the week after.
    Anyway... once again, I think if you are not sure you should keep looking.

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    FI and I love it.  That is why we decided to have our reception there. 
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    It was the 16th place we looked at and honestly, I didn't want to like it because I had already been to a wedding there like 5 years ago and wanted somewhere "new".  People also warned us about places that have more than 1 wedding at a time, but it didn't really seem like something that would be a big deal to me, in my personal opinion.  Anyway when we drove in my fiance was like, "Wow this is really nice, you have been holding out on me." and even when we went inside to the lobby despite myself I really liked it. When we saw the room that was the deciding point, they showed us first the basement room and then the Virginia Room and we fell in love with the Virginia Room. It had a beautiful cocktail hour area and what was missing from our other first-choice (Grand Summit Hotel), a place for guests to go outside and stroll around if they choose. 

    So after we left we were talking about the place all the way home and we decided to book it that day!  I think it helped being to so many places before we went there so we really knew what was out there in terms of other choices to compare it to.  It became a really easy decision. 

    Since then, we have gone to dinner there also and the food and service was impeccable.  I have heard nothing but good things about it when I mention to people where I am having my wedding, they frequently say they have been there and it was an awesome place. 
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    Booked the Manor so excited!!!!!!!!!
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    I have been there many times (and the highlawn) for company parties (not weddings).  Not a big fan of the food but that could of been due to the menu selection of the parties.  I remember them serving this duck meat that was disgusting, and the way they serve lobsters made some of us puke......basically cut them in half and put them in the buffet trays uncleaned with the green goup oozing all over.

    We stopped having our company party there 2 yrs ago because the parking issue was horrid.  When multiple events start at the same time, the valet's can't keep up and the line backs onto the road.  It took 30 mins to get in and park, and another 25-30 mins to get our cars during the rush at the end.

    We have our party at Season's now and it's in another league IMHO than the Manor.  But It costs more too.  I guess you get what you pay for.
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    I agree with PP's... you need to like it, not us.
    Personally, while the grounds are beautiful there, that didn't matter much to me, because we weren't going to be outside anyway. And I didn't like the layout/size of any of the ballrooms.  We ended up booking at the Richfield Regency a few minutes away.
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