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Hi everyone!
Does anyone know what the price per plate is at The Seasons? I went to the Venetian yesterday and was actually given a pretty good price for everything they give you. Our wedding is during prime wedding season.

Thank you!

Re: The Seasons In Washington Township, NJ

  • I don't know the prices but they are the same owners. My sister got married at Season's and the food was outstanding.  
    Also, at Season's there is 2 different room sizes so that effects the price also. Sory I couldn't be more of a help.
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    From what I remember from a family member getting married there, it was about $150 for a Friday night in April
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  • We were quoted $140 + 15/pp VH for a Friday night in September 2012
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  • Depending on what room and which night depends on the pricing. Upstairs room is much cheaper than downstairs. We were quoted at $125pp for August not including add ons, tax and gratuity or maitre d fee.
  • I know that it is around 175 for a saturday night in June. We priced it when we were looking for venues. It is beautiful and I hear the food is great. 
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  • As nice as Seasons is both interior and food wise, I would just be careful with the Management there. FI and I had major problems with the way the management conducted themselves during our meeting to receive a quote and look at the venue. They insulted my FI and when they didn't have our date available, tried to sell us a bogus date that they couldn't fill. When we told them politely that we probably couldn't make this work due to our need to be married in summer, we were told that we needed to book two years in advance to get a summer date (we went 15 months shy of our wedding date) would be different if this were done in a polite manner, but we were treated like garbage to say the least. Then they tried to pull some bogus story about a girl who left for three hours to get her father to write out the deposit for her date and when she returned, they had booked her date and she "cried in her daddy's arms." They said this would likely happened to us if we didn't book the bogus date that day. I am sad to say that I will never recommed them to anyone because of this experience.
  • The issue I have with Seasons is that it appears that they may "profile" a couple or sell "prime" dates to the highest bidder.  The price ranges quoted here all the time are all over the place.
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    [QUOTE]The issue I have with Seasons is that it appears that they may "profile" a couple or sell "prime" dates to the highest bidder.  The price ranges quoted here all the time are all over the place.
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    Agreed. I belive I was quoted $121 per head, without tax and gratuity, for a Friday night the last week of August. No one wanted it. Teachers, like my FI, wouldn't have honeymoon least that's what the management said. So then why would you try to hard sell it to us if we specifically told you we needed to get married in July or beginning of August?
  • We were quoted all in $180 a head for a Saturday night in April with a min head count of 125 for the upstairs room. I agree with USER..their pricing tends to vary wildly. We also felt as though they were feeding us a line and trying to indirectly pressure us to sign. I wasn't a fan of the nonsense.
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