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Marriage Certificate Question-Misspelled name

It is kind of a long story so I won't get in to all the details but we have had nothing but problems with our marriage certificate. We applied, filled out the paperwork and everything was all set. We went to pick it up a few days before the wedding and there were some misspellings on it (street was spelled wrong and DH's mom's last name). The errors were fixed--after a huge argument- the person helping us was less than nice. We walked out with the paperwork for our officiant to sign. Everything is spelled right on it-including DH's mom's last name. We have everyone sign it and send it in. We just got our official copies in the mail and they spelled DH's moms last name wrong again on the official copy. It is so aggravating. Do I have to call and have it changed? Is that big of a deal since it is not my name or DH name? I just have a feeling it is going to be a huge argument again and it is hard bc I live out of state. Thoughts?
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Re: Marriage Certificate Question-Misspelled name

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    MH's father's first name is spelled wrong on our certificate. We've been married over a year and I've had zero problems changing my name or anything else.
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