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Typical Cost of a DJ?

Hey ladies,

I'm trying to figure out just how much a DJ should cost? If I want them to play a song for the ceremony and then play music for the wedding (approx 4 hours)... how much will that cost?  What have you all experienced?


Re: Typical Cost of a DJ?

  • Anywhere between $500-$1200!
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  • I have to agree with the PP. The price can vary a lot depending on who you use and where your located, but I would say the averages are in the price range listed above.
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  • In the Raleigh area, the DJs I looked at averaged $950. In other areas, it can be lower or higher. IME, most DJs don't post that info on their website, but if you contact them for more info, they'll tell you right away how much they charge, and how many hours it covers.
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  • Ditto what the rest have said. It does depend on the area that your event is taking place in. Some NC DJ companies will tack on mileage fees depending on how far a drive it is from where their business is located. Others may forego that charge.

    Typically, the more professional companies will charge anywhere between $600 to $1200.
    I hope you find this information useful.
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